Vladimir Kirilkin

Backend, frontend developer

About me

22 y.o. Python and JS developer
Code is just a way to make my ideas real
JS Svelte


Python aiohttp FastAPI django JS TypeScript Svelte Vue PostgreSQL Kubernetes Websocket Figma Golang redis Tailwind CSS


Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Applied Information Systems in Economics and Finance

My work experience

Graduation from Financial University
SIBUR Digital
Fullstack developer in Video Analytics project of Industry 4.0.
  • Integrations with third-party services
  • Web editor for configs, built from json schemas from pydantic
Python asyncio aiohttp FastAPI pydantic JS React rjsf WebSocket Docker GitLab CI
Transfer app
Web application for booking transfer and excursions. With personal accounts and cms. Frontend build on Svelte kit, backend build on Strapi. Mobile app build with CapacitorJS
JS TypeScript Svelte kit Strapi SSR Mobile Figma
Personal startup project. Implementation of full-working microservice-based messenger on websocket
JS TypeScript Svelte Routify WebSocket Kubernetes Figma
Docs View
Tizen web app for wearable devices Samsung Galaxy Watch for reading PDF right on your wrist
35k+ downloads
JS Svelte Tizen
Backend developer in Yandex.Lyceum
Python Django DRF
Yandex school of backend development
iCal service for University schedule
Web service with updatable schedule for Financial Univercity
10k+ MAU
Python aiohttp redis
VK bot with University schedule
VK bot for viewing and subscribing to schedule for Financial Univercity
15k+ MAU
Python asyncio aiovk PostgreSQL
Applying to Financial Univercity
Web app for editing watchfaces for smart bands
20k+ top MAU
JS React